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Nick Calcanes - Tips To Improve Employee Training

The training techniques that you use for employees are going to play a large role in their productivity when they actually start the job. Nick Calcanes has been responsible for training many employees during the course of his career and is always looking for ways that he can improve in order to provide the best training possible.

Consider It As An Investment

A lot of companies balk at the idea of providing extremely comprehensive training because they see it is an unneeded business expense. This is not the case, as you should consider the money that you put into your training program as a long term investment that will pay dividends through increased productivity and efficiency on the part of the employee, benefiting the organization in the long run.

Select Good Instructors

Not everybody is suited to teaching other people, even if they have in-depth knowledge of the subject. There are many different qualities that make somebody ideal for a training role, so you need to keep all of these in mind when selecting the people who are heading your sessions. In fact, it is a good idea to assess your trainers on a regular basis, in addition to the employees in the session.

Always Consider Your Space

Nick Calcanes has found that the space used for conducting training can often have a direct effect on how well employees take in the information that is being provided to them. Try to work on ways to create a training space that is conducive to learning, instead of assuming that just about anywhere will do the job.


Nick Calcanes - Tips For Implementing New Systems Into the Workplace

During the course of his career, Nick Calcanes has been tasked with introducing a number of new systems into the workplace. This can often be a difficult process as you will need to ensure the new technology is accepted by people who will have another system ingrained into their work cycle, so here are a few pointers that should help.